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Urval is an authentic Périgourdin village; the traditionally restored houses, the fortified church and the communal bread oven are typical of a Périgourdin, medieval village.
The 14th century communal or ‘banal’ bread oven dates from, and provides a rare illustration of, the feudal period. The inhabitants of the village, subject to the authority and benefiting from the protection of the Seigneur or the parish, used the oven but paid taxes to do so. There being only one oven, being ‘banned’ from using it meant that the person being punished had no other means of baking bread. There existed, along the same lines, a communal or ‘banal’ mill.


Hiking Trails
North Urval
From the Town Hall square follow directions to "Le Buisson" and turn right after 50m.
Length : 8km
Time : On foot : 2h40 / On horseback : 1h20 / By mountain-bike :1h15

South Urval
From the Town Hall square follow directions to "Belvès" and turn left after 100m.
Length : 9km
Time : On foot : 3h / On horseback : 1h30 / By mountain-bike :1h20