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A priority of Urval Local Council is to maintain its heritage while preserving its authenticity. The church square has undergone development, access to the communal bread oven improved and the area has street lighting. It now provides the perfect setting for a festival : Occitan music and a meal cooked over a wood fire...
Other local construction work includes the low, dry stone walls to be found around the village and the expansion of the cemetery.
To come : a car park and the restoration of the numerous examples of small, historic edifices (crosses, sources etc.) which the village boasts.

  The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M KUPCIC Roland
1st Deputy : LANDEMAINE Sébastien
2nd Deputy : GRENIER Micheline
Local Councillors : COMPOINT Eloi, FRANÇOIS Luc, JARDON Dominique, LAVELLE Franc, MARES Bruno, MAULÉON Bernard, MONZIE Christine, REDHEUIL VIDAL Martine