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St Nicholas’ Church


St Nicholas’ Church
St Nicholas’s Church is built on the remains of Trémolat’s first, 9th century church. Two arches, north and south of the nave at the transept crossing, date from this period. The arches, built of brick and stone, stand on an impost above a column. It is not known why this church was destroyed.

Perhaps Aimerac de Mussidan who was given the monastery by his brother, planned a bigger church and his independence with it ? The church which stands in its place was built between 1125 and 1160. Pierre Dubourg Noves and Laure Guinet Abrial have both made studies of it.

The monastery buildings stood to the south of the church as was traditional, and the chapter house to the east. Of the latter, three bays still stand as do the monk’s quarters where on the upper floor the outline of a dormitory door leading directly to the church (and thereby providing access for night time prayers) can be seen. To the south is the refractory and the kitchen and to the west the lay worker’s quarters, the cellar and the reserve. Everything has, of course, been substantially altered since the 12th century but the general outline is clear enough. The central cloisters no longer exist.
The monastic church may well have retained the name of Mary Mother of God but inside the church a small chapel was dedicated to St Nicholas and served by a curate, hence its name today.

St Hilaire’s Church


St Hilaire’s Church :
At the same period, the parish church of St Hilaire was built on the left bank of the Rège, outside of the monastic sphere.
Severely damaged it was renovated by the people of Trémolat in the 1950s.


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