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Trémolat Town Hall

The local council elected in 2015 :
Mayor : M CHASSAGNE Éric
1st Deputy : Mme QUIGNON Florence
2nd Deputy : LAMOTHE Florian
3rd Deputy : M TALLET Guy
4ème adjoint : M MATHIOTTE Patrick
Local Councillors : BACHELOT François, CHAPALAIN Christian, CASTLE Jill, FLORENT Marie-Françoise, MAGIS-TERLOUW Colette, Mme MALLET Sylvie, M MONRIBOT Philippe, SCHEID Éric, ZALOGA Anna

Local Services :
-Post office in City Hall
-School in a Grouped Schools Structure with Badefols, Calès and Pontours
-Train Station

Amenities :
-Playground Playground
-Water point for Campers
-Village Hall
-Nautical Base

Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates :
SYGED: Waste Management Union
SIVOS : Inter-commune Schooling Syndicate
Pays Vernois et du Terroir de la Truffe Community of Communes

Development Projects :
Economic Zone
Parcel sale ZAE
House to 15€/day (possibilities)