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Monbos Hiking Trails


Monbos Hiking Trails :
Monbos circular trail through the woods : 7km
• Follow the tarmac road for 20 minutes. Turn left at the crossroads towards St Innocence, walk for 30m and then take the first path to the right, sign-posted ‘Peyfestal - Grange Neuve’. Follow the path for 1200m until reaching the next crossroads.
• Cross the crossroads and take the mud track going passed fields and vineyards for 600m.
• At the road turn and walk left for 250m then fork off to the left towards ‘La Grange du Bois’. Follow this path (old tarmac then earth). Go passed a house on the left and straight across the field. Follow alongside the trees before entering the woods. Head up towards ‘Les Figues Rasses’ and the road.
• At the tarmac road take the path to the left and follow it through fields and vineyards for about 1500m.
• Reaching the tarmac road again, turn left and follow this country road back to the village of Monbos (600m).

Monbos Church

Thénac  Hiking Trails

Thénac Hiking Trails :
8km circular trail starting at Thénac.
• Starting at the Town Hall square, go passed the cemetery and church and take the steep path down into the valley for approx.200m. Turn right, going passed a group of buildings and climb about 600m opposite. At the road turn left then right and after 150m left towards ‘Le Félix’. At the hamlet, Félix, go straight on, downwards, along a forest path. Cross a field and reaching and old house, turn left. Walk for 600m through the woods and take a fork to the left (the right takes you to Monestier and Cunèges).

• Climb for 400m going passed an old windmill and get to the hamlet, Combes. Just after the houses, turn right downwards for a kilometre until reaching Larroque Farm. Go through the farm building and follow the tarmac road for 600m.
• Reaching another road, turn left and 50m later, right. A grass path leads to the hamlet ‘Les Vachers’. Turn left at the road and 100m further on, right.
• Follow the mud track for 2 km as it curves round to join, by the wood’s edge, a tarmac road.
• Turn left. Climb for 300m then, at the top of the hill turn right towards Thénac. The tarmac road overlooks the valley and curves to the left before rejoining the village of Thénac.

Puyguilhem Hiking Trails :
Footpath from Thénac to Puyguilhem, 3.5km
• Take the road to Sigoulès and, after 250m turn right along a tree-lined mud track heading downwards. There is a reservoir to the right. Keep going until the path climbs up to an oak-wood then follow the vineyards. After about 400m turn left and take a grass path through woods and cultivated fields. At the crossroads go straight on and follow the vines until reaching the Puyguilhem road. Reaching the tarmac road turn right then turn left at the fork along the tarmac road which climbs up to the old bastide of Puyguilhem.