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Sainte Alvère Town Hall

Sainte Alvère has retained traces of its glorious past such as the remains of Lostanges Château and its battlements, towers and postern gate.

The Lostanges family also built St Pierre es Liens Church whose architecture and proportions are unusual for the era.

The village streets are still dotted with evidence of long-disappeared rural ways : the wash-house, the «tramalh» - an Occitan name for the structure used for harnessing and feeding horses and cattle - a well, a spring etc.

Hiking Trails and Footpaths : click here for map
Five hiking trails leave Sainte Alvère and lead walkers through the region’s natural and man-made heritage. The footpaths, between four and 11km long, are perfect for one-day walks through hamlets, past old farms, through woods and agricultural land all with their own wealth of particular flora and fauna such as wild orchids and birds of prey.


Events :
• Shows in August: Itinerary Art Day. A day of trading and social interaction between St. Alvère artists and art lovers. A guide to this day awaits you at the St. Alvère Municipal Tourism Service, to help you discover painters, potters, visual artists, ...
• Evening markets in July and August : sample the local produce, live music etc.
• National Fête Day : themed evening, dance, a variety of events.

• Village Fête during the first weekend of August : dancing and various events over the two days.
• Local produce market from 15 June to 15 September on Monday mornings.
• Truffle market from December to February on Monday mornings. This year, it will take place between november 30, 2009 and February 22, 2010.
• Antiques Fair during the last weekend of July.
• «Le Peyrol», a traditional festival, held every other year.
No Peyrol festival in 2009 due to influenza A:
The board of directors of the Peyrol agricultural show met Friday, September 11th and decided to cancel the 2009 edition of this now mythical event.
A grand prize lottery will also be held in March, 2010 to enable the association to get going again, and ensure the organization of a Peyrol festival in 2010, already arranged for 28
November 2010. Book your party!