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Saint Vivien Town Hall
The Town Hall

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M FOURCAUD Didier
1st Deputy : BARAT Abel
2nd Deputy : LACOSTE Jacques
3rd Deputy : JOUANNEL Nicole
Local Councillors : BAS Luc, BOUCHEREAU Brigitte, CHAUMARD Stéphane, FEUILLERAT Christine, LACOSTE Marion, LAGARDE Benoît, VERDIER Thierry

The Community Room

Membership in Inter-Municipal Associations
-School-Oriented Inter-Municipal Association (SIVOS)
-Inter-Municipal Association for Educational Regrouping (SIRP)
- Inter-Municipal Association for Drinking Water Conveyance (SIAEP)
- Inter-Municipal Association for Collection and Transport of Household Refuse (SICTOM)


- Departmental Electrification Association
- Inter-Municipal Social Action Centre
- Association of Pays de Montaigne – Gurson – La Force
- Inter-Municipal Association for School Bus Service (SIRS)
- Lower Montravel Association
- The Greater Bergerac Area (PGB)
- Mixed Association for Western Bergerac Area Development (SD24)
- Montaigne in Montravel Community of Communes

Town Facilities
A Community Room
Contact the Town Hall for rental information


The town is grouped inter-municipally with Montazeau and Bonneville.
The town has primary school classes CM1 and CM2.