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Saint Sauveur de Bergerac Town Hall

 Philosopher Maine de Biran

- The tomb of the philosopher Maine de Biran

- The “Gentilhommière de Grateloup” (small manor house) where Maine de Biran lived (private)

- Numerous dovecotes (private)

Saint Front Church

Saint Front Church
Romanesque walls, it was rebuilt in the 19th century.
The triangular wall belfry has two angle buttresses. Two semi-circular bays are visible, whereas a third is walled up.
Beside the sacristy is the tombstone of Maine de Biran.

- Hiking Trails

Three hiking circuits make it possible to discover the patrimony as well as the flora (explanatory signs)


- Votive festival with second-hand sale on Sunday, August 6 (or the following Sunday if the 6th is a weekday)
- Bread festival with country market