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Saint Sauveur de Bergerac Town Hall

The Town Hall

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : Mr FRAY Roland
1st Deputy : GUIBAL Pauline
2nd Deputy : ROUSSEL Michel
3rd Deputy : LAVIGNAC Stéphane
4th Deputy : JOUSSET Michelle
Local Councillors : ALEMAN-BOTTO Marie-Noëlle, DHENNIN Cathie, FONTARNEAU Richard, LESCOMBE Michel, MANIERE Mylène, MIGNOT Philippe, NINET Isabelle, TOURNIER-HERRERA Aurélie, VIGIER Bernard, ZOCCOLA Cédric


Mayor : Roland FRAY receive the morning on appointment.
1st Deputy : Pauline GUIBAL
2nd Deputy : Michel ROUSSEL
3rd Deputy : Stéphane LAVIGNAC
4th Deputy : Michelle JOUSSET

Intercommunal associations
Dordogne Pourpre Intermunicipal Association for Drinking Water Conveyance – (S.I.A.E.P.)
Cause and Beaumont Intermunicipal Energies Association
Intermunicipal Social Action Centre
Community of the Bergerac urban area
Mouleydier Public Clean-up
Saint Sauveur de Bergerac / Lamonzie Montastruc School R.P.I. Council
Pays du Grand Bergeracois

Community Services
- School grouped intercommunally (R.P.I.) with Lamonzie Montastruc
-2d cycle
-School canteen
-Local Educational Contract: help with homework, play activities (theatre, outings…)
-The school is a part of the European Comenius Socrate project

- “The Petits Filous” leisure centre

- “L’Eau Vive” intermunicipal day care centre
Children up to three years old

- 15 local authority housing units

Parking area for motor caravans (camping-cars)

Town Facilities

-Community room

-Room available for meetings, seminars
Approximately 30 persons

-Soccer and petanque fields

-Parking area for motor caravans (camping-cars) with dump station and refilling

-Picnic area