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Saint-Romain-de-Monpazier Town Hall


The Church
The church, surrounded by the cemetery, is built on the flank of a hill in the lower part of the small village of Saint-Romain-de-Monpazier. Its construction dates back to the 12th and 13 th centuries. It is a small building with an original plan consisting of a square choir with a nave, having only one row of benches, perpendicular to it. The sacristy was grafted onto it later, north of the choir. The nave, a semi-circular barrel vault, occupies the lower part of an imposing bell tower with a defensive character. You can enter the building by two different entrances: the west portal that corresponds to the initial opening, and the north portal, made in the 18 th century. The south wall of the choir was opened in the 15 th century by a semi-circular arch opening onto the side chapel. This chapel is arched with a semi-circular barrel vault, perpendicular to that of the choir. A gabled steeple-wall tops the defence tower.