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Saint Nexans Town Hall
The Town Hall

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M. JEANTE Jean-François
1st Deputy : LEFEBVRE Jean-Marie
2nd Deputy : GUTIERREZ Christine
3rd Deputy : DUPUY Jean-Louis
4th Deputy : CASERIS Pascal
Councillor delegate to the Mayor : FRANZ Isabelle
Local Councillors : COLLET Valérie, DUSSUTOUR Marylène, VALLEJO-PASQUET Stéphanie, PERAUD Roger, MARTY Jean-Léon, Jean-Louis VIARGUES, GREIL Jimmy, LASCOMBE Bruno, MARTY Damien

Sports area

Delegation of the abilities of the Mayor to the advisors
1st assistant: Finance/Management
2nd assistant: School life Staff school group
3rd assistant: Engineering service/Building
4th assistant: School life/security/ Restaurant school group
Councilor delegate: School life/social life/Early childhood

Municipal Committees : click here


Community of the Bergerac urban area :
5th Vice-président : Jean-François JEANTE.

Services :
- School complex
Opening hours :
08 :30 - 11 :45 and 01 :15-04 :00 PM
08:30-12:00 and 01:00 - 04:00 PM
Free day nursery from 04:00 to 04:30 PM
Day nursery 04:30 to 06:30 PM

- Rural Centre: Inquire at the Town Hall to hire it
- Rural Multiplex: Bar, brasserie, restaurant and postal station
- SIAS Bergerac II : meal transport and multiple services

Town personnel at your service:
-Administrative services: two secretaries
-Technical services: two technical officers
-School and maintenance services: six agents
-Food services: one cook

Village community centre

Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates and Representatives :  click here


Projects and Investments since 2008

Municipal Centre:

- Construction of one hall in front of the Municipal Centre.


- Roads resurfaced (la jolie, route du bouan…)
- Transfer of responsibility to the Cab (Community of the Bergerac urban area)


- Development work undertaken on church square
- Lighting public of the village in "Led"
- Implementation of tub with flower on the place of the church.

Renovation Work:

- Renovation of the meeting room with installation of double glazing for energy-saving purposes.
- Renovation of the small, senior citizens room in the village hall


- Purchase of 3 laptop (given by the Town Hall)
- Purchase of an video projector (given by the Mayor)


We adopted the ZERO charter pesticidal for our cemetery.


- Change of place of containers with glasses in the said place "Le Couseil"

Ongoing and Forthcoming Projects and Investments

- Installation of mains drainage system (connections) at "Tuilières" currently being undertaken with the municipality of Cours de Pile.
- General development of the church square and the village.
- Creation of a bakery, a cake store (a pastry), a grocer's shop, in the village
- Lighting of the hall.