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Saint Méard de Gurçon Town Hall 

Thanks to its rich historical past the commune possesses a wealth of architecturally interesting buildings including:

• Gothic church with a 12th century belfry. The nave is divided in half by a wall composed of two ribbed archways. The hexagonal, 15th - 16th century apse has five stained glass windows.
• Old market hall
• Wash-house
• Standing stone (on private property at ‘La Pierre Plantade’)
• Windmills (on private property at ‘Les Pouthières’)
• Fortress (on private property at ‘La Coquille’)

Communal, village ponds have been developed on the outskirts of the village in a green and shady spot and are much appreciated by trout anglers (amongst others). Opened every Sunday from February at the end of May, and every week from June to September

Sporting activities include a football ‘school’, a riding-centre / pony club and tennis court