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Gabanelle Fountain

Gabanelle Fountain
After having crossed the ford at Bergerac, pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela went through the parish of St Sernin, of Jean Vidal in Gabanelle, and stopped at the springs here. They founded a shelter for pilgrims which, later, became a small hospice for sick pilgrims.


Saint Laurent of France Stele

Saint Laurent of France Stele
This monument, inaugurated at the 9th gathering in 2007, is dedicated to Saint Laurent of France.
The association Saint Laurent of France, organizes, alternatively each year, gatherings of cities having Saint Laurent as a common name.
Beyond the festive atmosphere specific to these great fraternal meetings, they are the occasion for exchanges and setting-up projects: creating tourist routes, promoting regional products, producing a map of the St Laurents in France, exchanges between associations, youth participation in our actions, etc.
It is an important time of festivities, fraternity and discovering the cultures and traditions of all the French regions.

- May 1: Omelette with aillet, and the flea market of the parents of students
- At the beginning of August: Village festival with flea market
- At the beginning of August: Country festival