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Saint-Maurice Chateau
Saint-Laurent and Saint-Maurice
The name appeared in 1310, written as Sanctus Mauricius. Saint-Maurice, archbishop of Lyon was massacred with other Christians between the 3d and 4th centuries. The first seigniors of Saint-Maurice were the Pons, starting in the 13th century. For five centuries, they owned the land of Saint-Maurice, which today, is part of the Clermond de Beauregard commune. This chateau was restored by the current owners. The facades and roofs are registered with the inventory of the Historic Buildings

The adjoining Romanesque church was that of the seigneurs who administered the two parishes, Saint-Maurice and the St. Lawrence.

Annual Events

Votive festival the second weekend in August
St. John's Fire
Saint-Maurice Celebration



Hiking Trails
The town has four hiking trails
- 9 km Louillet circuit
- 8 km Caudeau circuit
- 12 km Saint Maurice circuit
- 8 km Cantelaube circuit

The explanatory leaflets and maps are available in the guide "Promenades et Randonnées à la découverte du Terroir de la Truffe" ("Walks and Hikes to Discover Truffle Land").
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