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Saint Julien d'Eymet Town Hall
Saint Julien d' Eymet is the most important wine-producing town in the canton of Eymet.
Wine growers contributors to Sigoulès winery cooperative
-Christian COMTE “le Vigneau”
-Michèle BEAUDOT “le Jean-Géraud”
-Pierrette DUPOUX “Parparoisse”
-Paul BENET “Fonjuliane”

Independent Wine Growers

-SARL le Fougueyrat
-GAEC de Franciment
-SCEA le Joncal
-SCEA De Conti
-EARL de Parparoisse
-SCEA les Fontenelles


-Paul BENET “Fonjuliane”
-Michèle BEAUDOT “le Jean-Géraud”
-Pierrette DUPOUX “Parparoisse”
-Laurent BENET “Fonjuliane”

  Vacation Club
-Le Grand Fougeyrat “lodging, meals”

Tradespeople and Shopkeepers

-SARL Adrian AYLEY Management and Marketing Pro
-STEF DE CONTI Agricultural Work
-Paul BENET Agricultural Work
-Pierre CASTANET Second-Hand Shop
-Gérard COMTE Masonry


-ACCA of Saint Julien
-CUMA of Franciment
-Saint Julien Activities and Leisure Committee