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  Saint Jean d'Estissac Town Hall 
Town Hall

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : Mme VEYSSIERE Marie-Rose
1st Deputy : LAGARDE Patrice
2nd Deputy : MOLIERES Anne-Marie
Local Councillors : BANNES Bernadette, BEAUVAIS Jean-Baptiste, CHAMBOST Philippe, MANTEAU Thérèse, MARTY Patrice, MATHIAS Gérard, MESSAGER Thomas, NABOULET Gérard

Community Room

Memberships in Communities of Communes and Intercommunal Associations
- Pays de Villamblard Community of Communes
-SMCTOM: household waste
-SAV Valley of Isle
-SIVOS Mussidan (school transportation)
-SAIEP (drinkable water association)
-SDE 24 (electrification)
-DFCI (fire fighting)
-Greater Bergerac Area


Community Services
-Schools in RPI with Issac and Villamblard

In the Town Hall – opening hours the same as the secretariat

-Beleymas – Lagudal waste collection centre
Monday and Wednesday all day
Saturday morning:
-April 1 to October 30 from 9 a.m. to noon and from 2 to 6 p.m.
-November 1 to March 31 from 9 a.m. to noon and from 1 to 5 p.m.

Community Facilities

Community room for 70 to 80 persons
To hire it, contact the Town Hall

Local Committees

-Environment/Clean up
President : Gérard MATHIAS
Patrice MARTY, Thomas MESSAGER, Anne-Marie MOLIERES, Philippe CHAMBOST

President : Marie-Rose VEYSSIERE
Patrice LAGARDE, Pierre BANNES

President : Patrice LAGARDE
Gérard MATHIAS, MESSAGER Thomas, Patrice MARTY

-Community buildings
President : Pierre BANNES
Christine BERNAZEAU, Jocelyne MANTEAU, Gérard NABOULET, Gérard MATHIAS, Philippe CHAMBOST

-Information communication
President : Christine BERNAZEAU
Patrice MARTY, Anne-Marie MOLIERES, MESSAGER Thomas

-Cemetery management
President : Gérard NABOULET
Pierre BANNES, Gérard MATHIAS, Patrice LAGARDE