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The Church
This small, highly modified Romanesque church, dedicated to the holy doctor of Poitou, is agreeably located at the northern edge of the municipal park. A fountain of living water and tall foliage make a pleasant, rather unusual setting.
It has a short nave with one bay. The interior of the lateral walls consists of an arcature dressed with a full arch on pilasters, very indiscreetly completed in the 19th century, which supports a barrel vault of rubble stone formerly renovated. Next, an arched bay with a harmonious dome on pendentives, whose pillars topped with chamfered transoms are bare of any sculpture. It originally held the bygone steeple.

Inside the church, a stele pays tribute to the children of Saint Hilaire who died for France.

At the time of the ceremony of May 8, 2007, the stele was inaugurated in homage to two new heroes died in combat during the Second World War:
-Mr. Lucien CÚsar Emile Noiret
-Mr. Louis De Banes Gardonne

Hiking Trail:
A 6.5 kilometre loop through the village (walking time: 1 hour, 35 minutes)
Refer to the map on the board at the entry to the village.