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Saint Hilaire d'Estissac Town Hall  Version Française

Saint Hilaire d’Estissac is a small rural town in the canton of Villamblard, which keeps a very rich history. Saint Hilaire, Saint Jean and Saint Séverin belonged to the same lord. Its surface area is 650 hectares and it has 109 inhabitants (official population on January 1, 2017).



Coat of Arms
Saint Hilaire d’Estissac’s coat of arms evokes the lordship on which it depended, and Saint Hilaire hunting snakes, as follows:
From green to Saint Hilaire mitred and crossed with gold, with two flying snakes on either side, the one on the left side being twisted, accompanied by a franc-canton (the striped area at the upper left) in six parts, silver and azure blue, which is Estissac.

Motto: 1318 – Sanctus Hilaruis d’Estissaco – 1998

The green field evokes the Landais forest
–1318: the date at which the name of this parish appeared for the first time.
–Sanctus Hilaruis d’Estissaco: the name under which it appeared
–1998: the date this coat of arms was created


Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).