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Saint Georges de Montclar Town Hall 

The commune of St Georges de Montclar has a population of 295 ((official population on January 1, 2017)) and a surface area of 1367 hectares.


Town hall


The local council elected in 2014
Mayor : M. GUERINEL Bernard
1st Deputy : MALAUBIER Francis
2nd Deputy : GEVAERT Pascale
3rd Deputy : PARÉ Andrée
Local Councillors : BERNARD Alain – BERNARD David – BERNIER Alain – COUTURES Jean-Michel – LAMBERT Emmanuel – LAPOUGE Alexa and LEYNIE Marc


The school forms part of a grouped school structure with the neighbouring communes of Liorac, St Martin des Combes and St Félix de Villadeix. Clermont de Beauregard and St Marcel du Périgord adhere to the same pedagogic group.
The Montclar school has two classes, infants and Cours préparatoire.
The school head, Mme PRIVAT Julie teaches the older children, assisted by Mme Laurette Delarue, and M. EXPERT Benjamin teaches the infants.
Canteen meals are prepared by Mme Isabelle Filet. The school has an out-of -school hours crèche (7h-9h & 16h30-19h), surveillance is assured by Mrs Caroline Vandaele.
Ms Muriel ROCASSERA, who is qualified in early childhood care, has been working in our school since 1st of September 2015. She is employed under a CUI (contrat unique d'insertion) contract and also runs the T.A.P.s (Temps d'Activities Périscolaires) for the Grand Section (GS) and the Cours Préparatoire (CP). Further to changes within the Board, Ms Fabienne BOURGEOIS is the new Chair of the association, " Les Loupios ".

The mayor and local council - always keen to make improvements to the village - have implemented several projects :
• Electricity (EDF)and telephone lines have been put underground in the town of Montclar and the hamlet of Saint Georges, La Bessaronnie and Pata.
• Public lighting: The second phase in the town of Montclar is finished
• The village hall has been renovated and modernised and is available for cultural and festive organisations.

A former bakery has been restored and brought up to the strict hygiene standards required by the food industry and is now back in business - not without much emotion and a few tears from the older members of the community.
The bakery, called ‘La Tourte de Montclar’ produces bread of such a high quality that its reputation has already crossed the département’s boundaries.

The Church of St Georges's hamlet, with its Rita chapel
has been re-roofed meaning that the 11th century, Romanesque building no longer leaks. The church façade is improved by appropriate public lighting.

A building to be used by the village’s associations which serve for meetings, exhibitions, children’s workshops etc. was renovated by a group belonging to the S.AG.E.S 24 reinsertion programme.

Construction of a medical office for doctors’ office hours

Renovation of the fountain in St Gorges and improving it with appropriate lighting.