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Saint Félix de Villadeix Town Hall

St Nicholas’ Chapel

Monuments :
• St Nicholas’ Chapel in the graveyard. Dating from 1480 it was restored in 1973 and is owned by the De Bonfils (La Vernelle) family. It is used as a family tomb.

The twelfth-century church is situated in the Place du Keyla

• The twelfth-century church is situated in the Place du Keyla. Its Romanesque style is particularly remarkable in the chancel. The belfry was substantially altered at the beginning of the twentieth century.

• The mound is situated near the old Roman road.

Motte-and-bailey castle

On the edges of a chestnut forest, by the side of a Roman road is a truncated-cone shaped mound standing 4 -5 m high. At the base it measures approximately 60m x 40m. The flat top is 40m wide by 25m long and is strewn with large building stones. The site now boasts a parking area and picnic spot where pleasant walks can be had.

• La Peyrouse Chapel situated on the property belongs to the Brotherhood of St Gabriel.

Village Hall

To the discover of borough :

From the village place, you will find :
- the house of the public services (town hall, post office)
- the School
-the Sports Grounds (tennis, football, basketball, volleyball) and games for children
-the village hall
After having gone along the cemetery, you will be able to eat at the restaurant "the Saint Felix" then to discover the laundrette which is at the bottom of the church, "place du Queyla".


Hiking Trails :

The commune has 37km of sign-posted paths, maintained all year round, for ramblers and mountain-bikers.
A ‘Health Trail’ has been laid out at La Peyrouse.

Hike along the hillside Roman road

Annual Events

-Hunting meal : 1st Saturday of March
-Hike along the hillside Roman road (on foot or mountain-bike) : Easter Monday
-Village Fête : last weekend of July (second-hand market, farm market, fireworks, bowls competition, Sunday meal).