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Saint Félix de Villadeix Town Hall

The town’s most representative activities:


Saint Félix de Villadeix is fortunate to have several businesses covering various activities and offering many employment opportunities.


Agriculture and Livestock Breeding
Our municipality is home to no less than ten farms covering various mixed-farming and livestock activities:
- Beef and lamb production
- Duck and poultry production
- Cereals
- Production of chestnuts, truffles, walnuts and honey.

Artisan Businesses
There are several artisan-based business operating in the municipality:
- Agricultural, car and garden equipment repair and maintenance and civil engineering
- Building and roofing
- Earth-moving/landscaping
- Garden maintenance
 Agricultural contracting

Industrial Activity
- Manufacturer of chlorine tablets for swimming pools

Tourist Industry
- Since 1989 " Le Village de Constant " built and managed by an English company and comprising sixty apartments, has been catering for English holiday-makers. Visitors benefit from many on-site amenities including a restaurant, grocery shop, swimming pool, billiard room, tennis courts, sauna and sports hall.
- Farm campsite known as " La Brugère "
- Various gîtes and other holiday accommodation



In the village there is a multi-service venue offering
- A restaurant with both traditional and set-lunch menus
- Bar selling the Sud-Ouest newspaper
- Regular themed evenings
- Groups catered for
- Outside catering service


Accueil Sourds Avergles de la Peyrouse


Community Activity
-The association for the deaf and blind, « Accueil Sourds Avergles de la Peyrouse », founded in 1992 has 11 deaf and blind residents. It is the only establishment of its kind in the south of France and employs 19 people.


- The " Foyer Rural " organises different activities throughout the year some of them sportive, such as local walks, others more cultural including concerts, exhibitions and food-tasting events or just for fun, for example card game evenings and the local fête.
- There is a retirement home run by the monks of St Gabriel at " La Peyrouse ".
- " La Diane " is the local hunting association, it organises an annual clay-pigeon shoot and supper.
- " Les Ainés Ruraux " organises various entertainments and outings for the elderly.
- " Tarots Club Belote " is the local card-players club.
- " Evasion Nature " is the local cross-country motor-biking club

Tradespeople Where to Sleep
Businesses Associations
Farmers Retirement Home