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Saint Cernin Church
St Saturnin or St Cernin was the first bishop of Toulouse. Martyrized, he died in 250, after having been dragged by a bull.
His story is known to us by his passion, written at the beginning of the 5th century.
The church is basic 12th century, partly preserved, Romanesque style, and comprises three naves. The choir, which is the oldest part of the church, has perfect architectural regularity.

St Cernin Château
This 12th century feudal chateau has eight towers. At present, only about one-third remains, including two towers and a donjon. It was restored in 1875 and 1982.
From 1230 to 1540, the château and the land of St Cernin belonged to the noble house of Buade, then, by heritage, to the Marquis de Fayolles, baron of St Front. The du Luc family inherited the château.
Today, it is private property and cannot be visited.

Hiking Trails

Rural paths allow the discovery of the commune’s fountains, and provide lovely viewpoints of the countryside.


-Evening walk by the area’s producers twice a year during the summer
-Midsummer's Day fire around June 20 every year
-Summer festival (the next-to-last week-end in July), two days with a meal the first day, various events and fireworks as the highlight of the two days
-Belote competition
-Thematic evenings
-Christmas for the village’s children

Information from the Festival Committee: