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Saint Capraise d'Eymet Town Hall 
The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M TONELLO Henri

1st Deputy : MAGNE Martine
2nd Deputy : CORDAZZO Christine
Local Councillors : BRUGGEMANN Bernard, CAILLE Jacques, CASTAGNIER Bruno, HERPIN Caroline, LAFFONT Christian, MARTIN Emmanuel, POLCHETTI Roch, TONELLO Didier

Local Services

Grouped Schools Structure (RPI) with Sadillac, Singleyrac and Flaugeac (primary school).
Grouped Schools Structure (RPI) with Fonroque (primary school).
Library - Games Centre - Media Centre at Eymet
Eymet Nursery :


Village-owned housing in the old school

Village-owned housing in the old presbytery
Commune-owned housing :
• The Old School
• The Old Presbytery

Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates :
• Dropt Valley Inter-commune Syndicate
• School Transport Inter-commune Syndicate
• Development of the Southern Bergerac Area Inter-commune Syndicate
• Drinking Water Supplies Inter-commune Syndicate
• Pays du Grand Bergeracois