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Saint Capraise d'Eymet Town Hall  Version Française


St Capraise d’Eymet, situated in the southern Bergerac area, in the canton of Eymet, belongs to the « Val et Coteaux d’Eymet (‘the hills and valleys of Eymet’)Community of Communes » and is reached by the D933 road.
It has a surface area of 1114 hectares and today counts a population of 148 (official population on January 1, 2017).


St Capraise d’Eymet is bordered by two streams, the Revelliou, a small tributary of the Dropt which separates the commune from that of Sadillac, and the Courberieux which provides the dividing line between St Capraise and Mandacou. St Capraise is an agreeable, rural commune whose history goes back a long way - as the Gallo-Roman remains excavated at Fontclose and Surtout go to show.


The eponymously-named church at St Capraise’s centre dominates the village both in respect to the size of its large nave and to its geographical situation on the summit of a mound.

The chancel is Romanesque and composed of a pre-chancel and apse; the nave has three bays doubtless dating from the 15th century and is, itself, preceded by a 19th century porch-belfry. On the eastern side, a low 19th century, three-foiled vestry encircles the chevet.

The 15th century Château de Libersac
(private property) restored in the last century has, from its terrace, a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside which on a clear day even includes the Pyrenees mountain range.

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).