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Agriculture is the principal economic activity of the commune and includes cattle-rearing, cereal and oilseed cultivation and viticulture.

  Tradespeople / Artisans :
Electrician / Heating Specialist :
M. Jean-François Bagnariol

Business :
Fertiliser - Pine Needles
Michel Pellisier Ltd
Warehouse at St Capraise d’Eymet :

Polycultural Farming :
M. Laurent Deshayes
Gaec Tonello
Didier Boisseaux
M. Gérard Sauvanet
M. Eric Nyholm
M. Gilbert Rongieras
M. Jean-marie and M. maxime Gareau
M. Sandre Rongieras

-Cattle Farming :
‘Blondes d’Aquitaine’
Gaec Tonello (‘Label’ quality guarantee)

‘Blondes d’Aquitaine’ and other beef cattle.
M. Jean-Claude Chaliac
M. Jean-Michel Laffon
M. Gilbert Rongieras
M. Franc Gueguen
Mrs Jean-Marie et Maxime Gareau
M. Didier Boisseaux

Sheep farming
Gaec Tonello

- Cattle Merchant
M. Guy Chauvié

  Wine Growers & Producers :
Independant Wine Producers
GFA Georges Wellacott sale of wine at the property.
M. Jean-Marie and M. Maxime Gareau : wine sold to merchants.
M. Franc Gueguen : wine sold to merchants.

Members of Sigoulès Wine Co operative :
M. Didier Boisseaux
M. Gilbert Rongieras
M. Jean Michel Laffon
M. Jean-Claude Chaliac

Accommodation :
Mobile homes and caravan emplacements with swimming pool

Mme Françoise Roque

Furnished holiday rentals :
M. Gareau
M. Heyere
M. Roque

Leisure & Activity Centre :
Eymet Leisure & Activity Centre :

Associations :
-Village Fêtes Committee
President : Mme Nathalie Phelippeau

-Hunting communal Association
President : Mr CORDAZZO Alain

President : Mme UTEAU Nadège

-Fad club to Create
President : Mme CHAPOULIE Sophie.