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Saint Aubin de Cadelech Town Hall  

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M MARTY Pascal
1st  : FAGETTE Frédéric
2nd Deputy :  LANDAT Annie
3rd Deputy : COMTE Richard
Local Councillors : BRESOLIN Pascale, CLÉMENÇON Jean-Pierre, JÉGU Grégory, JÉGU Stéphanie, JORET Christian, JORET Colette, QUÈRO Michel

The Commune
St Aubin’s population is stable with 331 inhabitants (*(official population on January 1, 2017)). The commune is situated to the south of the département, 9km from Eymet, the chief town of the canton. Set back from all main roads it is quiet and peaceful but benefits nonetheless from canton-organised services (health, policing, shops etc.)


Diverse branches of agriculture are flourishing and provide the main source of economic activity in the area : cereals, meat and dairy herds (cows, sheep, goats), farm produce, viticulture. Most farmers belong to the oldest CUMA of the département established in 1945.

Trade and Business
Five tradespeople are settled in the commune (coach-builder and car mechanic, Joiner’s workshop, blacksmith, roofer - timbers, tiles and carpentry - mason and wrought iron worker). There are also two business: Carpenter, joiner and a nursery and garden-creation.

Although St Aubin no longer has its own school, parents have the choice of sending their children either to Razac d’Eymet (2km) or Fonroque (5km) both of which form part of the grouped schools structure, or to one of Eymet’s primary schools. Eymet also has a secondary school. School transport is available for all the schools.

Associations provide a multitude of opportunities for people to meet and invigorate village life. The village hall is available for meetings and the commune owns a piece of land suitable for organising a variety of events.

The Junior Association was born in 1999 and, for youngsters in the village proposes: table tennis, table football, basketball, handball and volleyball.

Senior Citizens Club « Los ben benguts »
The club is based in the neighbouring commune of Singlerac, 6km away and is open to all senior citizens in the rural sector of the Eymet canton. Every fortnight, on Wednesday afternoons, a bus collects those who wish to play cards, bingo, board games, or simply spend the afternoon in a convivial, friendly atmosphere. Trips and outings are organised regularly.

Local Amenities
Village hall and kitchen
Games room : table tennis, table football
Sports ground : basketball, volleyball