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Annual Events

Four events with the themes of fire, earth, air and water.

These festivals are organized by the “Culture and Festivals” Committee in collaboration with the festival committee and various local participants. Their goal is to bring together the inhabitants of Breuilh, St Aulaye and the Laurents.
After a small survey of the village’s elders, the committee discovered that these festivals existed already during the 1950s. A horse race in Laurents, an air demonstration in Breuilh, a boat race and fishing contest in St Aulaye. Happy with this find, the team decided, more than 50 years later, to reinstate these festivals in keeping with the style of the day.
A real success with 300 to 500 meals served at each event.

“Unusual Vehicles Show”

• Bric-à-brac trade in the centre market town, organized every year about 1st fifteen of July


“Equestrian Centre Ponies”

The Festival of Laurents offers numerous activities around the horses. Meal on the site at midday.

“Meal at Breuilh”

• The “Breuilh” Festival, with his rustic dinner and ball.

“The Airfield”

“Microlight Baptism”

“1951 Air Festival Program” (click the picture to enlarge it)

“Meal at St Aulaye”

The St Aulaye Festival, offers activities around water and fish meal midday.

“The Mayor Participates Actively in the Race”


Every year, the Anim'Antoine association offers:
- Garlic omelette on May 1
- Wine Fair at Pentecost
- Christmas market in December