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Saussignac Wines

Vines have been planted in Saussignac since the Middle Ages. François Rabelais boasted about his wine.
Saussignac’s medium-sweet white wine is well-known. Both sweet and lively it has a totally natural golden colour. Over time it has become an AOC (appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) wine.
The manually-harvested, grape by grape, rich ‘liquoreux’ wine should be aged for several years and is served chilled (at 7° or 8°C) as an apéritif or with foie gras or dessert. These days, it is often recommended as an accompaniment for blue cheese.
Bergerac Red and Côtes de Bergerac Red which are also produced in Saussignac’s vineyards are made from the Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. Well-structured with a deep purple colour, they are best drunk with meat, game and cheese.
The dry white wine is very aromatic and goes beautifully with fish and shellfish.

Saussignac fine wines and traditional Périgourdin gastronomy do justice to each other.

Castle "Les Miaudoux" opens the doors of its kitchen garden cultivated in organic farming and biodynamics all afternoon from Monday to Friday
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  Wine Producers :
-M. Eric Tramier :
Nathalie & Gérard Cuisset - Château les Miaudoux :
-M. Frédéric Lanel :
-M. Xavier Merlo :
-Mme Ginette Biaussat :
-M. Daniel Richard :
-M. Gilles Romanzy :
-M. Thierry Nonclercq
-M. Eric Castang :
-Château du Bournac :
-Sté ringwood Brewery (Château de Fayolle) : Tel / fax
-Seán & Caroline Feely (Chateau Haut Garrigue)
T/F +33(0)553.22.72.71
-Gaec de Bazin :
Château des Ganfards :
-Château Le Tap :
Château les Pradets (Mornac) :
-Mme Sandrine Vigier :
-M. Serge Gazziola :

Tradespeople / Artisans :
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EURL LAVAL carrelages :

Refrigeration Service :
M. Frédéric Dussaut :

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M. Cédric Patriarca :

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Timonthy WHITE
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Café restaurant du Lion d'OR

Café restaurant " le 1500 "

Newsagent’s - Tobacconist
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-Bed & breakfast
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Professional Sector
-Firm of Solicitors :

-Liberal (male) nurse :
Alvyn MICHELS - home care or in the cabinet by appointment
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Associations :

-« Par Tout Art Tisse »
Mme Violette RAUSA : 09 83 09 37 05 or 06 63 69 51 71

-The CeP (Culture and Heritage) of Saussignac slopes
Henriette CAILLE :

-The Collective Hicks

-Hunting Association
M. Merlo - Casse Martin :

-PCS24 (petanque club)

-" Ecolieu de Cablanc " : Véronique Bouché-Thellier
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