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-Omelette with aillet: May 1
-Ball-trap: weekend of Pentecost
-Flea market on May 13, 2012
-Hillbilly Festival: "travelling evening" in the four communes Razac de Saussignac, Saussignac, Monestier, Gageac Rouillac the first Saturday in July
-recreational afternoon : July 2012
-Bicycle race of the Etoile Cycliste Foyenne: first Sunday in August
-Méchoui: August 2012
-Communal meal: last Sunday in August or first of September
-Halloween afternoon followed by a chestnut evening: October 2012


HIKES: You can discover the attractions of Razac of de Saussignac at every turn of the hiking paths.
The church: if its foundations date back to the 11th century, it was totally rebuilt in 1860 but has, in part, retained its Romanesque form. Its distinctive feature is based on its three heavy apses. Today, it is gradually being renovated and this among others, thanks to the financial assistance provided by the Golf of Vigiers in memory of its founder, Lars Peterson, particularly attached to the charm of this small church.
Beautiful mansions: the Chabrier, Bellevue or the ARTAUDIERE Manor, Fongrenier, the Lardys, the Forestier,…
And small heritage buildings…: a circuit of the fountains and laundries is offered
Wine tasting in the wine storehouses,…

The magnificent Château des Vigiers is less than 3 km away..., golf, hotel, upscale restaurant...


Hillbilly Festival: every four years, Razac of Saussignac welcomes the Hillbilly Festival...Many Razacois are involved in the organising team.

Sylvain Roux, native of the region, actor, musician, resides at Razac of Saussignac and offers training courses in improvisation

The Insoliste, a private place for public arts, a local scene not agreed, home port of the Compagnie Au Pas du Boeuf, a place of training, experimentation, invention, dissemination, permanent petrissage, sharing of know-how, crossroads of cultures, a reflection for a different relationship of art and the public in rural areas, a form of response to the ambient stagnation, a sort of cultural "maquis", a door open on the unknown ...

The Insoliste allows the development of numerous projects and other concepts: improvisation studios for the residents, vocational training courses in improvisation, small artistic holidays, artists residences everywhere, creation of a group of multidisciplinary improvisers, “The Zeretiques Zistoriques Zarmoniques”, establishment of theme nights: "Improvised International Connections", "Micro-concerts at the Cellar", "The New Evenings of Slides", "Secret Tasting in Saussignac", "Very Short Films", "P'tit bal instantané", "Improvised Cooking and Music", "The Future Legends of the Périgord", "Soup in the Fireplace", "Dance Dense Dance", "Stopped Your Clowning”, “Martial Art and Improvisation", "DJ Teppaz", "Intimist Citizens' Debates", "Why Not Under the Lean-to", "The Impro Rural Lottery", "Evening to Please My Mother!" ..., there, the seeds are planted, patiently awaiting the spring, and, as Bernard Lubat said: "It is better to improvise than to anticipate the worst!"

Contact: Sylvain Roux artistic director of the Compagnie Au Pas du Boeuf, idea man behind the Insoliste: