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Rampieux Town Hall
    The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : Mme GRELLETY Viviane
1st Deputy : GRIMAL Daniel
2nd Deputy : BEAUVIE Denis
Local Councillors : DUROU Etienne, DUROU Régis, JOLIBERT Chantal, LANDAT Corinne, LEYGUE Anne, MAGNOL Myriam, MARY Jean-Pierre, PROVOST Stéphane
  Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates :
Bastides Dordogne-Périgord Community of Communes
Bastides Forêt Bessède SYGED
• Beaumont Irrigation Syndicate
• Beaumont - Monpazier SIAEP

Development Projects :
Renovation of the presbytery
Development of the 'bourg'