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Prigonrieux Town Hall 
    Town Hall Surgery
Le Bourg
24130 Prigonrieux

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Tel : +33 (0)
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By appointment
Excepted Saturdays and Sundays

Permanence of the elected representatives : every Monday evening.

Town Hall Opening Hours

Monday 8h30-12h30 - 14h00-18h00
Tuesday 8h30-18h00
Wednesday 8h30-12h30 - 14h00-18h00
Thursday 8h30-12h30 - 14h00-19h00
Friday 8h30-12h30 - 14h00-18h00

Accessible aux handicapésAccessible for disabled persons

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M ROCHOIR Jean Paul
1st Deputy : BORDERIE Michel
2nd Deputy : CLAVEL Catherine
3rd Deputy : LANAU Jean-Louis
4th Deputy : LAFAYE Raphaëlle
5th Deputy : MAURY Jean-François
6th Deputy : DUPUY Olivier
7th Deputy : TRAPY Nathalie
Local Councillors : ARNOUILH Catherine, BAYLET Jean, BORDERIE Martine, DELMAR Marie-Laurence, DELPEUCH Pierre, FOURNIER Gisèle, GOUBIE Cyril, GUECHOUD Didier, GUILIANELLI Béatrice, GRENIER Isabelle, JOURDAN Jean Claude, LABAT Catherine, PAPATANASIOS Jérôme, REMON Yves, SEELI Marie-Line, SEJOURNE Michel, TESSIER Jordan, VEYSSIERE Colette, VILLATTE François.

Public Services :

Fire Brigade : 18
Ambulance :
Bergerac Hospital :
Avenue Calmette :
La Force Police Station :
Bergerac Police Station :
Prigonrieux Post Office
La Force Community Tax Office

Social Welfare
M.S.A. (Agricultural Social Contributions body)
from 9h to 12h on the 1st Monday of the month at La Force Town Hall.
Social Welfare Officer’s Surgery
Thursday from 9h to 11h in the Roger Imbert Hall
Room near the media library  :
Prigonrieux Nursery :
Peymilou Nursery :
Prigonrieux Primary School :
Peymilou School :
Infant School :
La Force Secondary School :
SIVOS (school bus) :

Leisure and Activity Centre :
Media Centre :
Village Hall :

Doctors :
Doctor FAUDON Brigitte
Rue Léo Lagrange
05 53 58 94 23

Doctor LEROMAIN Jean Jacques
Rue du 19 mars 1962
05 53 61 71 99

Dental Surgeons :
Doctor Boitier Anne-Élisabeth :

Physiotherapists :
M Favard Stéphane
Rue Jules Ferry :

Mme Seves Marie-France
4, rue Fonclare :

M. Payet Hugues
Rue du 19 mars :

Podologist :
Xavier-Pierre Bourdain
Rue Jules Ferry

Veterinary Surgeons :
M. Allegre Vincent
Bourg Prigonrieux :

Chemist’s :
Mme Matisson et Mr Domergue
Place G. Loiseau :

Ambulance and Taxi Service :
Mme Monribot Nicole
3, rue Léon Blum :

Dancing school :

Anne Belzunce

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