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Naussannes Town Hall
  The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M BONAL Pierre
1st Deputy : VERDEYROU Michel
2nd Deputy : BOISSERIE Marie-Line
3rd Deputy : LAPARRE Jean
Local Councillors : BABAULT Jacques, BOISSERIE Jérôme, ELIE Pierre, KOMORNICZAK Éric, MIDGLEY Peter, PÉCHÉ Élodie, ROUSSEL Alain

Review :


• Naussannes has a primary school (1 class with 16 pupils). It has grouped schooling with the neighbouring communes of Bayac (2 classes) and Monsac (1 class).
• A secondary school (300 pupils) is 4km away at Beaumont.

• The School Partners Association (A.P.E.): an association of pupil’s parents from the three schools within the school group. The A.P.E.’s role consists of organising fund-raising events for the school budgets and strengthening ties between parents and teachers.

• Naussannes Youth Association : a basketball club with - currently - 70 members. In 2001 Naussannes had 7 teams participating in tournaments and 5 players selected at departmental level. The club recruitment area extends over 15 or so communes.

• « Living in Naussannes » : this association is instrumental in encouraging people to get to know each other in their own village, particularly young people and children, and to this end organises a variety of events (Easter egg hunt, St John the Baptist’s Fire, Halloween etc.)

• Hunting associations : Naussannes has two hunting associations, the Communal Hunting Club and the Coujoulat Hunting Club.

• Village Amenities
A village hall and an inter-commune events hall (Community of Communes) which serves as a sports hall (tennis, basketball) and is large enough to accommodate 500 people for dances, shows, bingo etc.)

Membership of Inter-communal Syndicates :
Bastides Dordogne-Périgord Community of Communes
Molières electricity syndicate
Couze Valley drainage and sanitation syndicate
Beaumont irrigation syndicate