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Moulin Neuf Town Hall 

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M LACHAIZE Léopold
1st Deputy : BORDERIE Annette
2nd Deputy : AUTIER Jacky
3rd Deputy : MONTAUD Claude
4th Deputy : DUCOS Marie-Claude
Local Councillors : BAGUET Michel, CHEVREUL Christiane, CLAVÉ Régis, DESNOYERS Suzanne, HERNANDEZ Bernard, JOUSSON Jacques, LACOUDRE Bruno, MATHIEU Jean-Pierre, PARROT Francis, VEYSSIERE Rolande


Amenities and Services
• Basketball court (interior)
• Tennis court
• Leisure & Activity Centre
• Multi-purpose village hall
• ‘Boules’ ground
• Library (in the Town Hall)
• Schools : from infants to Cours moyens 2
(grouped schools with PIZOU)
• School canteen
• Home help service (inter-commune)

The Town
Moulin-Neuf counts a population of 918* (at the last census) and is the first commune of the département on the RN89 road coming from Bordeaux to Lyons ; it is on the edge of the Libourne area, on the left bank of the river Isle, 11km from Villefranche de Lonchat.
It is in beautiful countryside full of deep, velvety green patches and resembles, particularly in the spring and autumn, an artist’s landscape with, dotted here and there, old time-weathered, flat-tiled houses.

Hill slopes provide limitless nourishment for the vineyards which cover them - under the guiding hand and hard labour of those who work the vines. The land is fertile and farmed with a variety of crops by a people close to the earth and respectful of tradition.
A 19th century church rises from this bucolic landscape.

The peaceful, shady river Isle which meanders through the commune is an open invitation to gentle strolling and moments of calm and meditation. Large trees line the river and the dappled, dancing sunlight filtered through their leaves transform the river banks into a heavenly place for picnickers and walkers. Anglers seeking peace and quiet are often to be found by the riverside.

Large areas of new housing have grown up in the centre of the commune as well as the inter-commune (with Minzac and Villefranche de Lonchat) industrial and trading zone.

There is an all-purpose tennis and basketball hall : a high-level basketball club with 80 members and active tennis and cycling sections.

The 6 June 1906 law dividing the commune of Minzac and giving birth to Moulin-Neuf has given rise to the expanding, economically healthy commune of today. It is especially proud of the medieval origins of the Madeleine de Brandes chapel. A document dating from 1541 names Monseigneur Jean Durand as priest of the chapel. The devastating wars of the sixteenth century destroyed many places of sanctuary in this area, however.
The Magdalene de Brandes Chapel was probably destroyed in 1586 during a Catholic / Huguenot battle for possession of Minzac castle. Without its original structure nor any surviving medieval documents, the chapel is now relegated to the world of legend. And legend has it that Mary Magdalene on her way to Provence stopped and refreshed herself at a cool source in a crook in the valley. Another legend claims that the gypsies, being unable to get to Sainte Marie de la Mer substituted their traditional Provençal pilgrimage with a pilgrimage here instead.

(official population on January 1, 2017)