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St Pierre’s Church


St Pierre’s Church
The church was built in the 12th century in the centre of the oppidan. Listed as an Historical Monument, it is entirely Romanesque except for a Gothic side chapel which was rebuilt at the request of Bertrand de Montaigne, brother of the philosopher, for him to be buried in.
The cemetery surrounding the church has a 15th century stone cross which was returned to its original place in 1629 having suffered serious damage during the Wars of Religion. Beautifully sculptured, the cross has four statuettes nestled in small niches and is decorated in relief with the royal emblems of Louis XII and Anne of Brittany. It is also studded with shells and staffs brought back by pilgrims from St Iago de Compestella who sought shelter in the Commandary situated opposite the church (which later (1804-1840) became a famous pottery works).

Montecoulon Château

Montecoulon Château (private property)
Situated to the eastern side of the oppidan, the château is listed as an historical monument. It was acquired by Michel de Montaigne for his younger brother, Bertrand, who had it rebuilt at the end of the 16th century. The 16th century building underwent alterations under the 1795-9 ‘Directoire’ when a romantic garden was added. Today the château’s main body is flanked by perpendicular wings separated by round towers.

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