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Montcaret Town Hall

Courtesy of the National Monuments Centre


• Ruins of the most luxurious, second Gallo-Roman villa, with :
• a hypocaust heating system in the sub-foundations
• private thermal baths and a swimming pool (thermal)
• and, above all, magnificent MOSAICS from the 4th century Aquitaine school which are the jewel in Montcaret’s crown.


Courtesy of the National Monuments Centre


The ruins were first discovered in 1827 buried in the cemetery surrounding the church and were excavated in the years 1920 -1940 by Pierre Martial Tauziac, an inhabitant of Montcaret, under the supervision of M. Formige, head architect of the Beaux-Arts Institute.



-A museum recently built by the Ministry of Arts and Culture includes part of M. Tauziac’s collection, notably a rare 11th century ENCOLPIUM (breast plate).



-An 11th century Benedictine church (original sub-foundations and chevet) stands next to the ruins and museum.

The surrounding countryside of beautiful landscapes and interesting architectural features hint at a rich agricultural past.

Annual Events
Montcaret Village Fête traditionally takes place on the first Sunday of August.