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Montazeau Town Hall

Buildings of Historic Value

• A Romanesque and Gothic church which has undergone many alterations. It has an emblazoned keystone, carved stalls and a polychrome wooden, statue of the Virgin Mary. The church was built on the site of the Seigneur’s chapel and has conserved its original towers. The beautifully carved stalls originally came from an abbey in the Villefranche de Lonchat area which no longer exists. The polychrome Virgin Mary with Child is remarkable. The south wall harbours a magnificent 12th century Romanesque door which has been walled up.

• The 17th century Château de Ségur is a Renaissance building which was restored in the 18th century. Its main body is flanked by square wings with steep roofs.

• Old mills and dovecotes.

Château (private property)

Annual Events
• Race (on foot) : semi-marathon of 21.100km
• ‘Belote’ card game competition
• Grilled sardine barbecue
• Country ‘n’ Western evening
• Karaoke