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Château de l’Aubépin


Château de L’Aubépin (private property)
The manor house is built of square towers imaginatively joined and unusually topped with brown tiles; the moat surrounding the house has been filled in.
L’Aubépin is these days only a farmhouse but it does not resemble the more common type of old, fortified, comfortable, family manor houses of yore. Before the Revolution it was owned by the Laurière family then passed into the hands of the Scorailles who still owned it in 1903. The Marie family bought it in 1963.



Dovecote, owned by M. Gérard Venancie.
The dovecote forms part of the Issigeac canton heritage in the same way as do the Boisse windmills. It was recently classified by the departmental Urban Architecture and Environment Council (C.A.U.E).

Hiking Trails
The walk starts at Issigeac’s eastern exit, and heads towards Eyrenville to the south-east of Monsaguel.

• Village fête on the last Sunday of August.
• Second-hand market on the last Sunday of August.