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Monpazier Town Hall
The Town Hall

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mairie : M DUPPI Fabrice
1st Deputy : GANNERAY Marie-France
2nd Deputy : TAUDIÈRE Josiane
3rd Deputy : GIPOULOU Jean-Jacques
Local Councillors : BERLIOZ Alain, DEJOS Stéphanie, DUFFA Jeanine, LAFON Bernard, LEJUEZ Christian, MOREAUD Maylis, MORISSE Pierre, PEREIRA Edèll, RAYSSAC Marc, SABROU Charlotte


Membership in Intercommunal Organizations

Bastides Dordogne-Périgord Community of Communes
1 Delegated titular: Fabrice DUPPI
1 Delegated substitute : Marie-France GANNERAY

Syndicat Intercommunal à VOcation Scolaire (SIVOS)
2 Delegated titulars: Stéphanie DEJOS, Josiane TAUDIERE
2 Delegated substitutes : Marie-France GANNERAY, Jean-Jacques GIPOULOU

Monpazier-Beaumont Intermunicipal Drinking Water Association (SIAEP)
2 Delegated titulars: Edèll PEREIRA, Jean-Jacques GIPOULOU
Delegated substitutes : Pierre MORISSE, Fabrice DUPPI

Dropt and Amont Association :
1 Delegated titular: Edèll PEREIRA
1 Delegated substitute : Fabrice DUPPI

Departmental Energy Association 24 (SDE 24)
2 Delegated titulars: Jean-Jacques GIPOULOU, Fabrice DUPPI
2 Delegated substitutes : Marie-France GANNERAY, Alain BERLIOZ

Pays du Grand Bergeracois
2 Delegated titulars: Fabrice DUPPI, Josiane TAUDIERE
2 Delegated substitutes : Jean-Jacques GIPOULOU, Marie-France GANNERAY

Responsible for defence
1 Delegated : Alain BERLIOZ

National committee Social actions
1 Elected official : Marie-France GANNERAY
1 Agent : Sabrina WEISSER