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Monmadalès Town Hall
Hiking trails
-Monmadalès 8.9 km – 3 hours
Informations (in french)

The market town

- Painting exhibit in the church during the month of August
- August 15 Procession at Rocal
- Music Festival in June


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The market town
It stretches out on the mountain ridge, 137 meters high.

It deserves its name, since it is built on the plateau, on the surface of the rock.
There are caves and dug-out shelters, a washing-place and a low mill.
ROCAL was a mediaeval hamlet, an English garrison later occupied by the knights of Saint John.
Our “Rosete stone”, a carved lintel from about 1380, testifies to this.

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Rocal Hamlet

Montet Hamlet

Montet Hamlet
It groups together five lovely estates and their grounds. In full expansion, it offered sites for new constructions.