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Monfaucon Town Hall

The local council :
Mayor : M DELAIR Arnaud
1st Deputy : FUERTES Valérie
2nd Deputy : VEDELAGO Stéphanie
3rd Deputy : BORDERIE Thierry
Local Councillors : DUPUY Mathieu, FONVIEILLE Moïse, LHOMENIE Philippe, LYNCH Stephen, MANTON Christophe, MARGONTIER Christophe, SEDENT Karine

Local Amenities :
Rental rates for the village hall :
80€ for local people +20€ for heating (01/11 to 31/03)
180€ for non-local people +20€ for heating (01/11 to 31/03)

Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates :
• La Force CIAS (community social work)
• Vélines SIAEP (water supply)
• DFCI (forest fire control)
• SDE24 (electricity supply)
• Montpon-Mussidan SMCTOM (household refuse)
• La Force SIVOS (secondary school)
• Trade union of the Slopes (material with use of maintenance of roadway systems)
• AGEDI (communal information technology)
• Isle-Dordogne SSIAD (district nurses)