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Molières Town Hall

The bastide itself with its right angles and straight roads is well worth a visit.
It was planned along regular lines and all its streets converge in the central square. Molières was never surrounded by arcaded houses and only the Bayle House is raised above its arches.
It is, nonetheless, a delightful village with the added charms of a Gothic church and the ruins of a fortress.

The Porch

The Château Ruins
Construction begun on a perfectly square, fortified château in 1316 to protect the village; today only the walls and part of the tower still survive.

The Rib-Vaulted House

Part of a large house formerly belonging to a priest who donated it to the town to house the poor. The rectory that became the Town Hall was built on this site in the nineteenth century.


A Gothic Church
The thirteenth-century fortified church built by the Plantagenets is Gothic in style with ribbed vaults and a massive bell tower protecting the north facade. Battlemented parapets, destroyed in the nineteenth century, joined the south and north towers which were used as reserves in case of attack. The church was left in ruins by the Wars of Religion and the process of restoration only undertaken in the nineteenth century.

Notre –Dame Street

The same name as the church dedicated to Our Lady, this wide streets, similar to Sainte Catherine street, which is parallel to it, is one of the Bastide’s carters’ streets.

The Charnel House

At the corner of one of the oldest houses in the village, is a salt tank or “charnel house”.

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