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Mauzac et Grand Castang Town Hall

The Theatre

Leaving Mauzac, the path reaches a hill overlooking the Dordogne River. Formerly cultivated as a vineyard, the earth is retained by walls in the form of terraces, which give the site the name “Theatre”. The path that leads upward is wide, and there are turnouts where carts could pass. There are bories (igloo-shaped huts made of dry stone), which served as shelters for wine growers. One of them is unique for its terraced roof. When people in the bories raised their voices, they could be heard in the village. A remarkable view over the Dordogne River, the dam, the town...


Grand Castang’s Church Steeple

Grand Castang’s church steeple is a former defence tower, whose lower half dates from the 12th century, and the upper half from the 14th.
During a recent excavation suggested by the Bâtiments de France (France’s Buildings) architect, five staircase steps were found. They should allow access from the ground to the tower’s covered way.
Through oral tradition, we know that this tower belonged to a Command called “The Big Chestnut Tree”, of the order of St Antoine de Guyenne, an order half religious, half military.
It is interesting to note that the small street that skirts the church was the path taken by pilgrims going to the tomb of Saint Jacques de Compostelle.