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Maurens Town Hall
Town Hall

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M. OLLIVIER Alain
1st Deputy : M. CASERIS Jean Claude
2nd Deputy : Mme BEAUGIER Martine
3rd Deputy : M. SAINTOBERT Alain
4th Deputy : Mme WYSS Denise
Local Councillors :
CHAUSSIER Daniel, DUBREUCQ Gilles, DAUNES Mireille, NAVAL Josiane, BATZER Jean Pierre, RICTIO Alain, GUIRMANDIE Valérie, BLOIS Nathalie, JANOT Julie, MARCHAND Rémy

Photos of the Town Council : click here


Community Committees :

School life Commission (School, Canteen, School transport) : Mrs. BLOIS Nathalie, JANOT Julie, GUIRMANDIE Valerie, NAVAL Josiane, Mr. MARCHAND Rémy

Hiring municipal hall Commission : Mrs. WYSS Denise, MM. DUBREUCQ Gilles, CHAUSSIER Daniel, RICTIO Alain

Communication and information Commission : Mrs. NAVAL Josiane, DAUNES Mireile, BLOIS Nathalie, JANOT Julie

Festivals and ceremonies Commission : Mrs. GUIRMANDIE Valerie, MM. BALTZER Jean Pierre, DUBREUCQ Gilles, MARCHAND Rémy

Community life and leisures Commission : Mrs. NAVAL Josiane, GUIRMANDIE Valerie, DAUNES Mireille

Communal buildings, cemetery, cleansing Commission : Mrs. DAUNES Mireille, MM. DUBREUCQ Gilles, RICTIO Alain, CHAUSSIER Daniel

Road maintenance Commission : Mrs. NAVAL Josiane, MM. BALTZER Jean Pierre, CHAUSSIER Daniel, DUBREUCQ Gilles

Tender Commission : Mrs. NAVAL Josiane, JANOT Julie, MM. CHAUSSIER Daniel, MARCHAND Rémy

Forest fires Commission : MM. BALTZER Jean Pierre, MARCHAND Rémy, CHAUSSIER Daniel

Quality of life and environment Commission cadre de vie et environnement : Mme DAUNES Mireille, Mrs CHAUSSIER Daniel, DUBREUCQ Gilles


Memberships in intercommunal associations:
DFCI and Forest Highways Villamblard:
Incumbent : Mr CASERIS Jean Claude
Substitute : Mr MARCHAND Rémy

SMCTOM Montpon Mussidan (Household Refuse) :
Incumbents : Mrs DUBREUCQ Gilles, CHAUSSIER Daniel
Substitutes : Mrs BALTZER Jean Pierre, RICTIO Alain

Social assitance :
Incumbents : Mmes GUIRMANDIE Valérie, BLOIS Nathalie
Substitutes : Mmes BEAUGIER Martine, WYSS Denise

SDE 24 :
Incumbents : Mrs DUBREUCQ Gilles, CHAUSSIER Daniel
Substitutes : Mrs RICTIO Alain, SAINTOBERT Alain

Incumbents : Mmes NAVAL Josiane, BEAUGIER Martine
Substitutes : Mmes JANOT Julie, GUIRMANDIE Valérie

SIAEP of Maurens :
Incumbents : Mrs OLLIVIER Alain, CASERIS Jean Claude
Substitutes : Mr DUBREUCQ Gilles, Mme JANOT Julie

 Pays de Villamblard Community of Communes :
Mr OLLIVIER Alain, Mme DAUNES Mireille, Mr CASERIS Jean Claude, Mme WYSS Denise, Mr DUBREUCQ Gilles, Mme BLOIS Nathalie, Mr CHAUSIER Daniel

School Cafeteria
  Community Services
Schools: Photo gallery

Nursery School Tel: (Mrs. Ricateau, Director)
Elementary School Tel:
School Cafeteria

Day Nursery
Whole day: 33€ per month
Half day: 16.50€ per month
Occasional: 2.60€

Every Fridays from 04:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Municipal community room
  Community facilities:

Municipal community room
Rental Room Kitchen
Community resident 90 € 70 €
Community association 50 € 70 €
Community marriage Free 70 €
Non-town resident 150 € 90 €
Non-town association 150 € 90 €
Disco 300 €  

* as from the second time if event profit-making

Heating 30€ as from the month of October, possibility before on request
Guarantee with the reservation of 400€ with certificate insurance
Town’s work, 3rd phase

Development projects and realisation
-3rd phase of the town’s work
-Grimardie Crossroads on the D4E: cantonal operation with the participation of the commune