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Interior of the Church

The 12th century, Romanesque St Loup Church, with its wall-belfry and semi-circular apse, was placed on the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments in 1974. Various works of art in the church are also on the Inventory.
• A late 18th century, gilt wood and polychrome tabernacle urn.
• 18th century candlesticks and a gilt, wooden crucifix.
• A polychrome retable restored in 1885.
• Two restored paintings depicting the Holy Family.

Tabernacle Urn


The Château de Marsalès,
a building steeped in history, is huge and rectangular with round towers at two of its corners and wings leading off them. The whole forms a U-shaped courtyard closed with iron railings and an ornate wrought-iron gate. In 1793 the railings were used as pikes and a few years later as ploughshares.

The Château de Laroque is a vast two-storied building. Machicolations above the door and on the western corner give it a military appearance. A pile of stones near the ‘Bretonne’ is known as « The Demolished Church » and legend has it that a church collapsed here burying a certain Saint Alix beneath its ruins. Near the ‘Borie Neuve’ can be seen several funnel-shaped depressions known as « gobe » (to swallow ?) which fill with water when it rains.


The dolmen (see above) called «l’Oustal de Loup» has been the subject of an article in the « Périgourdin History and Archaeology Society » newsletter.
The Dolmen was able to be highlighted thanks to the gifts of the plots of land of Bony's family which had the kindness and the intelligence to give up them to us.