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The Columbarium

The Columbarium

The recently enlarged calm, country cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall and has views over hills and forests.
This pastoral idyll provided the inspiration for a burial spot unlike any other; it is beautifully integrated into the environment and includes a remembrance garden, a columbarium and a communal vault.
In the remembrance garden, approached by a walkway of golden box,
stands a pink marble stele.


The columbarium rises from the lawn in a delicate pink-marbled, honeycombed pyramid. A bench placed under an ancient oak tree invites the visitor to sit and meditate or dream.
The communal vault, also built in pink marble, completes the peaceful ambience.
This is an unusual place, simple and prestigious, humble and grandiose at the same time. Peaceful, pure, natural; a beautiful resting place, a beautiful place of reflection.