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The church, dedicated to Our Lady of the Nativity, boasts many interesting features :

• The
nave is 16.80m long and 9.80m wide.
• A 6m-long and 3.80m-wide
chapel is situated to the left hand side of the nave.
• The
vestry is found at the northern end of the church.
• The nave opens to the south by an arched Romanesque door surrounded by an archivolt.
• The semi-circular apse’s stone roof sits on a cornice on which alternate modillions and stones pierced with a circular hole.
Inscriptions are engraved on the outside walls (prayers or funeral stones).
Foot prints are engraved on either side of an ancient, walled-up door which doubtless provided monks with access to the adjoining priory,. Barefoot, or shod « à la poulaine » or in « crakows », they symbolised the return from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Sun Dial