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Lolme Town Hall
  Agriculture is the economic activity most representative of the commune.
  Shops & Restaurants
«Les Peyrouliers» Restaurant

Régie Son 24 (sound system)

Farm Produce
Les Mounards Ltd (dairy cattle, plums)
Le Parc Ltd (beef cattle, plums)
Les Quatre Vents Ltd (dairy cattle, tobacco)
Robert Caminade (sheep)
Gabriel Boisserie (beef cattle)

Associations :
Village Fêtes Committee
Hunting Association

Sylvie Dejos : Holiday cottage
Alain Conchou : Holiday cottage : «
Les Alouettes»
La Barjoune Ltd : Holiday cottage

The Couze Valley Drainage Syndicate

New Centre nursing home of Lolme,
A group EHPAD - SSR of 90 beds + 5 places of reception of day
Tel. 05 53 74 47 47 – Fax. 05 53 23 75 25
Email :