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Lavalade Town Hall
La mairie
  The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M TESTUT Thierry
1st Deputy : HÉROUX Jean-Jacques
2nd Deputy : AUROUX Annie
Local Councillors : BOURGÈS Jean-Marc, FEYRAL René, GILBERT Marie-Claire, LANSAC Laurent, MARES Jean Paul, TESTUT Stéphanie, TISNE Gilbert, ZEGRE Pascale

Local Amenities:
Two commune-owned residences rented out on a full-time basis.

Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates :
Bastides Dordogne-Périgord Community of Communes
• Monpazier SIVOS: Primary School
• Monpazier SIAS: Community Centre
• Villefranche de Périgord SMGD: Household Refuse
• SIAEP : Drinking Water Supplies
• Electricity Supply Syndicate
• Pays des Bastides: Tourist Development

Local Projects :
• Drainage