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Lanquais Town Hall
    The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M BLANCHET Michel
1st Deputy : MAINTIGNIEUX Marie-Christine
2nd Deputy : FAGEOLLE Jean-Louis
3rd Deputy : LEFRERE Lionel
Local Councillors : BALDAN Olivier, BARET Valérie, BOITREL Bernadette, BURGOS-ARNAUD Patrice, CELLIER Pierre, CULIS Gérard, FARGUETTE Virginia, LORGUE FAVREAU Delphine, REMIZE Philippe

Tithe Barn

  Local Services :
1 school, 2 class room within the framework of the Teaching Regrouping Lanquais, St Agne, St Capraise de Lalinde, Verdon and Varennes
1 library
1 Communal Post Office
  Local Amenities :
Hire of the tithe barn : it is advisable to book well in advance for weddings.
Hire of village hall for parties

Please contact the Town Hall for further details.

Local Development Projects :
Tourism (Countryside holidays)
Collective clean-up

Syndicates :
• Water Board (S.I.A.E.P)
• Social Services (S.I.A.S)
• Cours de Pile School Bus Service
• Grouped School Structure (R.P.I.) with Lanquais, Varennes, St Agne, Verdon, St Capraise (S.I.V.S. Left Bank)
• Lalinde Tourist Information Office
• Lalinde School Bus Service
• Tourism Development (SIVU) Bergerac-Lalinde Development Sector
• Household Refuse (S.M.B.G.D.)
• Pays du Grand Bergeracois
• SIVU Bergerac-Lalinde Development Sector
• Inter-commune Syndicate for the Development of the Lalinde Region