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Lanquais Town Hall
    The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M BLANCHET Michel
1st Deputy : MAINTIGNIEUX Marie-Christine
2nd Deputy : FAGEOLLE Jean-Louis
3rd Deputy : LEFRERE Lionel
Local Councillors : BALDAN Olivier, BARET Valérie, BOITREL Bernadette, BURGOS-ARNAUD Patrice, CELLIER Pierre, CULIS Gérard, FARGUETTE Virginia, LORGUE FAVREAU Delphine, REMIZE Philippe

Tithe Barn

  Local Services :
1 school, 2 class room within the framework of the Teaching Regrouping Lanquais, St Agne, St Capraise de Lalinde, Verdon and Varennes
1 library
1 Communal Post Office
  Local Amenities :
- "Foyer Rural"
- The Barn
Building of the 15th century, registered in conformance with historic monuments
These two rooms can be rented for the special event management.
Inquire to the Town Hall for reservations : 05 53 61 07 26 or
The rural ways of Lanquais
- The card (in French)
- The picture of notes (in French)


Cards of the municipal ways of Lanquais (in French)

Local Development Projects :

-Collective clean-up
-The revitalization of the Village

Syndicates :

- S.D.E 24 (energy)
- S.I.A.E.P (Water Board)
- S.M.D.E 24 (water)
- S.I.T.S (School Bus Service)
- S.I.V.S (School Bus Service)
- R.V.P.B (water course)

Memberships in intermunicipal associations :

• Bastides Dordogne-Périgord Community of Communes
• Pays du Grand Bergeracois