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La Force Town Hall

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M ZACCARON Armand
1st Deputy : SICARD Anne- Marie
2nd Deputy : CHANUT ALAIN
3rd Deputy : BOUYSSOU Evelyne
4th Deputy : PAVAN Eliane
5th Deputy : PRADIER Serge
Local Councillors : AUTHIER Patricia, BRAMERY Gérard, CARBONNEL Annick, CHOPLIN Claude, COLPIN Anne-Sophie, CONDEAU Julien, DELBERT Patricia, DESSENA Nathalie, DUMESTE Pascal, DURAND Alain, ISSALY André, KIESELE William, LEYX Denis, MONTAGNEY Nicolas, ROMAN Christine, SUFT Heidi, TODERO Marie-Agnès

Patricia  HERNANDEZ : General secret
Thierry BRU : Head of Technical Services and Town Planning
Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates
Electricity Syndicate
Sanitation and Drainage in the Plains Syndicate
SIVOS Schooling Syndicate
Environmental Syndicate : Dordogne/Eyraud
Water Syndicate
Social Assistance Inter-commune Syndicate
Mixed Association for Western Bergerac Area Development
DFCI Syndicate
Labour union between local councils of the Home helps
Community of the Bergerac urban area

Local Services

Infant School
Tel : 05 53 58 18 33
Primary School
tel : 05 53 58 18 35

Out-of-school-hours crèche
Tel : 05 53 24 14 32

Local Amenities
A social-cultural space
Village hall
Board room
Information about renting out property: inquire at the Town Hall
Sports Hall (SIVOS inter-commune schooling syndicate)
Available to members of the commune and their associations as well as non SIVOS associations. Further details : 05 53 58 99 28